AS-P12-001. Art in Parks – Ginza Sony Park

Ginza, Sony, and a park. These three words together brings a mixture of excitement and anticipation to our minds. Located in Ginza (the words "gin" meaning “silver” and "za" meaning

AS-P6-003. Beyond Art: Culture – The Goss-Michael Foundation

The voice that touched countless people around the world for decades still lives on in the spirit of The Goss-Michael Foundation (GMF), founded by the late George Michael and Kenny

AS-P11-001. Beyond Art: Motor Vehicles – The Haas Moto Museum

Riding on a motorcycle is not just about going from point A to point B. Unlike other types of transportation, a motorcycle truly connects with its rider, uniting them into

AS-P10-001. Beyond Art: Advertising – The Ad Museum Tokyo

It’s everywhere thus we are exposed to them all the times. So what do we really find in thousands of advertisements? It may be a perfect mixture of reflections from

AS-P9-001. Beyond Art: Design – Seoul Design Foundation

What is the difference between art and design? We interpret expression on artworks as we encounter the piece with/without its detailed narration, whereas we intuitively understand what a given design

AS-P8-001. Art in Tech – Art Center Nabi

Technology is redefining art in many different ways. The art world is becoming increasingly innovative as technology rapidly develops and is integrated into our daily lives -- not only has

AS-P4-002. Art in Malls – K11

Needless to say, Hong Kong is one of the top shopping destinations in the world. So, what does K11 (http://hk.k11.com/en/Art.aspx) do to make the city even more attractive for shoppers

AS-P7-001. Art On Campus – Verge Gallery

A function of the arts has always been to enlighten. Verge Gallery (https://verge-gallery.net) on University of Sydney’s campus in Sydney, Australia, furthers this mission through the commingling of exhibition and

AS-P6-002. Beyond Art: Culture – Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Close your eyes and picture your garage. Bikes with long-deflated tires. Precarious towers of boxes containing old clothes, abandoned toys and high school yearbooks. It’s unlikely that you’ll stumble upon

AS-P6-001. Beyond Art: Culture – Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

When most people picture Russia, they think of Moscow. The swirling, multicolored peaks of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The powerful face of the country’s leader, Putin. Vodka. Moscow is indeed the