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GalleryMonthly offers a platform for sharing different cultural perspectives and interpretations of art and helps its viewers, in turn, form their own.  We hope to be a vehicle to access and connect with art and the people behind the scenes in the art world.

Currently located in Dallas, Texas, we are growing fast in our readership and staff, with eight contributing editors in five states and two in Asia.  GalleryMonthly.com contains no ads at all, and we neither select interviewees nor write articles for profit.

Our interviewees tend to support an umbrella of different projects and programs, and welcome the chance to share their inspiring stories and ignite the art community. Just like many art projects or programs they support in their communities, our interviewees appreciate GalleryMonthly’s commitment and passion to highlight art-focused spaces around the world.

Best Regards,

Aidan Cho, PhD
Founder, Editor-in-Chief


Email Inquiries: info@gallerymonthly.com