GI-012. Howard Scott Gallery

Howard Scott Gallery

  • Address: 529 West 20th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10011
  • Owner/Director: Howard Scott

Howard Scott (H): The Howard Scott Gallery is located on the 7th Floor of 529 West 20th Street. Located in the heart of Chelsea and underneath the Highline, the lively neighborhood brings a daily variety of visitors. The rectangular layout of the gallery space is large. It is a bright space, illuminated by the back windows of the office.

H: I was inspired and mentored by my best friend Robert Bradey who was a collector and artist.

H: One thing I would change about the gallery is to have more storage.

H: I want the visitors to get a spiritual experience and appreciate the connoisseurship of our programs.

H: An exhibition Crown; by the Berlin­ based artist Sati Zech.

H: The most challenging exhibition was the exhibition for my 25th Anniversary.

H: Artists tend to believe that it is just their work that makes an exhibition successful. They tend to disregard the respect, integrity, and hard work that the gallerist invests.

When you find a piece of art that you can’t forget about and you find yourself talking about it to others, you should acquire the piece. That is when you know you have fallen in love and will live happily ever after in the company of art in your everyday existence.

H: New York has a distinguishable and unprecedented energy.

H: In the next few years, galleries may not need to have a space, they will just go to the art fairs.  In my opinion, this is not a good option.

Art by Sati Zech
Art by William Willis
Art by Steve Riedell
Art by Rebecca Salter
Art by Fred Stonehouse