S-005. The Band Box – Nashville, TN

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Getting kids – not to mention their adult caretakers – interested in art isn’t always easy. Luckily enough, Max Goldberg is an expert crowd pleaser. His company, Strategic Hospitality, is

S-004. The Old Home Supply Co. – Ft. Worth, TX

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Although I visited this location three months ago, the important details were thoroughly seared into my neural folds upon entering the store and immediately becoming like a puppy at the

S-003. Three Brothers Coffee – Nashville, TN

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A few food staples, an extensive list of drinks, some t-shirts, and an attachment to Cumberland Transit may seem all Three Brothers Coffee can offer. However, glance again and you'll

S-002. Consumption of Art: Antique Shops – Dallas, TX

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Galleries and antique shops. You enter each of these spaces with a distinct sense of curiosity. In an antique shop you can usually touch the items. In a gallery, you

S-001. Brewing Up the Art Scene – DFW & Austin, TX

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The first reported coffeehouse dates back to 1475, located in what is now Istanbul. During that time, a Turkish woman could legally divorce her husband if he failed to provide