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GI-026. Praz-Delavallade

Praz-Delavallade Address (2): 6150 Wilshire Blvd - Los Angeles CA 90048 / 5, rue des Haudriettes - 75003 Paris Owner: Rene-Julien Praz, Bruno Delavallade Describe your space to us.Rene-Julien Praz

AS-P8-001. Art in Tech – Art Center Nabi

Technology is redefining art in many different ways. The art world is becoming increasingly innovative as technology rapidly develops and is integrated into our daily lives -- not only has

GI-025. Anat Ebgi

Anat Ebgi Address: 2660 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034 Owner: Anat Ebgi Describe your space to us.Anat Ebgi (A): Our gallery spaces are comprised of two nearby

AS-P4-002. Art in Malls – K11

Needless to say, Hong Kong is one of the top shopping destinations in the world. So, what does K11 (http://hk.k11.com/en/Art.aspx) do to make the city even more attractive for shoppers

GI-024. Eduardo Secci Contemporary

Eduardo Secci Contemporary Address: Piazza Goldoni, 2, 50123 Firenze, Italia Owner: Eduardo Secci Describe your space to us.Eduardo Secci (E): So we are located in the heart of Florence, one

GI-023. Luce Gallery

Luce Gallery Address: C.so San Maurizio, 25 10124, Torino, Italy Owner/Director: Nikola Cernetic Describe your space to us.Nikola Cernetic (N): The gallery is basically an open space. It's located in

AS-P7-001. Art On Campus – Verge Gallery

A function of the arts has always been to enlighten. Verge Gallery (https://verge-gallery.net) on University of Sydney’s campus in Sydney, Australia, furthers this mission through the commingling of exhibition and

S-005. The Band Box – Nashville, TN


Getting kids – not to mention their adult caretakers – interested in art isn’t always easy. Luckily enough, Max Goldberg is an expert crowd pleaser. His company, Strategic Hospitality, is

GI-022. Beatriz Esguerra Art

Beatriz Esguerra Art Address: Cra. 16 No. 86A-31, Bogotá, Colombia Owner/Director: Beatriz Esguerra Describe your space to us.Beatriz Esguerra (B): Beatriz Esguerra Art has a space in a 1958 historical

GI-021. Harlan Levey Projects

Harlan Levey Projects Address: 46 Rue Jean d’Ardenne Straat 1050, Brussels, Belgium Owner/Director: Harlan Levey Describe your space to us.Harlan Levey (H): Our gallery looks like any other house on