PA-A3-001. Hideo Tanaka

  • Hideo Tanaka lives in Niiza, Japan

Hideo Tanaka (H): While being an artist, I have also been working as a creative professional at an advertising agency for a long time. I constantly look for and think of ideas, more like a habit, no matter when and where I am. Even while in sleep, my quest continues.
My inspiration could be found everywhere with sceneries, objects, people, and the times experienced.

H: As mentioned in my earlier response, half of my body (head) is wired to be an advertising creator. Many can easily assume that artists and creators are very closely related. Maybe in a way that both express ideas. However, they go through two completely different processes. Painters usually work alone based on his/her own individual ability while creators execute advertising projects in groups. The starting point for an ideation is also different for those two – paintings convey personal imageries whereas advertisements deliver the merits from its advertisers. It is completely different. However, such different two traits are well-connected naturally inside myself. The connection between the two represents who I am and my personality.

H: It is a fact that I have to accomplish every task by myself. If I take a break, nothing progresses.

H: Most of my artworks use acrylic paints on canvas. Acrylic paints solidify very quickly, which can be viewed as both an advantage and drawback. For that matter, I use a special palette.
I lay a paper on a wet sponge and place acrylic paints on the top to make colors. So, it is a wet pallet. Without it, I would need to recreate the same color multiple times every day.

H: The “Barracoon” by Andrew Wyeth. It is a beautiful nude painting.

H: The work I sold for the first time was an oil painting I did during my high school class. It was one of the two oil paintings (both for a class project) I’ve ever done in my life. I believe it was a size 20 painting. It was a painting of a lying woman using green as a base tone which was done in a very clumsy way. A lady, who was a friend of my mother and also her hairdresser, visited us and wanted to purchase the piece. She wanted to decorate her hair salon with it. It was many years ago so the salon might not exist anymore. If it does, it might have my clumsy painting hanging inside.

H: When I become tired of watching the work.

H: The “Spring” I painted in 2010.
This one took me the longest time to paint amongst my earlier pieces. Although I was frustrated and almost gave up numerous times, I was able to complete it in the end.

H: The artist Keiko Yokoyama. Keiko is my wife. She paints in a peculiar Japanese style which brings back nostalgic memories. She has a great sense of style.

H: Even if it represents, I don’t want to tell anything. The present, the present and certainly the present.

H: Mainly Facebook.
I can connect with many people I haven’t actually met, and I can enjoy artworks I haven’t seen before. I can also distribute information. I am very satisfied with these. I don’t know about other tools.

Runway 3 - 2018
Fly - 2018
Beyond 2 - 2018
Runway 2 - 2017
Point of View X - 2017
Flower 3 - 2017
Quietly Stop - 2016
Flower 2 - 2016
Flower - 2016
Breath II - 2016
Breath I - 2016
Beyond - 2016
Point of View 2 - 2014
Point of View - 2014
Action - 2014
Starting Point - 2013
Contradiction - 2013
Where - 2012
Here - 2012
Runway - 2011
Rebirth - 2011
Spring - 2010
  • Photos courtesy of Hideo Tanaka
  • Special Thanks to Yukio Nakayama and Naruki Higashi