PA-A2-001. Jana Swec

  • Jana Swec lives in Austin, Texas

Jana Swec (J): I find most of my inspiration from nature. Wildlife from the sea, land, and sky. I want to convey life with paint. Movement, growth, and death.

J: My life is very chaotic. With three kids, there are a lot of variables, responsibilities, and people to consider every day. When I paint, I try to calm down. It’s very easy for my mind to run endlessly and I need ways of finding focus. I find subjects and practices that force me to take it slow and be precise and thoughtful. Patience is a vital aspect of working through my paintings.

J: Much of the art I make helps to find myself peace. So I enjoy hearing that it brings my audience similar relief.

J: We own many pieces of art by artists friends. 
Suzanne Koett
, Jon Windham
, Aaron Michalovic
, Cherie Weaver, 
Michael Seiben
, Len Swec, 
Michael Yates
, Jade Walker
, Debra Bros

J: I sing in a few bands. I love music as much as art.

J: You either can’t live without making art, or you can. Stick with it. At least 10 yrs. There is some truth to the 10,000 hrs. It’s about experience, endurance, and dedication.

J: Yes! But I have always wanted to incorporate music and psychology into my life somehow as well.

J: Barista at Pascals French coffee shop (age 16) in Danville CA

J: I made a collaborative piece with Rino Pizzi in 2011 for a greater project called The Mona Lisa Project. Rino photographed 16 female artists who then reimagined the photo with the famous Mona Lisa in mind. This was the first time that I had worked on the image of my face as an adult artist. It was very intimidating and off-putting. It forced me to ask myself why I was so uncomfortable. I was pregnant with my second child during the taking of the photograph. I now look upon that final piece as an image of growth, fluid, and acceptance of who I am and the life I now direct.

MAIDEN, MOTHER, CRONE - Mona Lisa Project - Collaboration with Rino Pizzi
  • Featured image on the top: EZRA
  • Photos courtesy of Jana Swec