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CR-001. Deep Ellum, Dallas TX

"Suddenly faced with a dozen elephants in Deep Ellum." - Aidan Street Snaps Wanted!(stuff/things on the streets, human-made with intention) Send us two (2) snapshots (same subject, different perspectives) with a

GI-002. The Public Trust

The Public Trust Address: 2271 Monitor Street, Dallas, TX 75207 Owner/Director: Brian Gibb What’s your definition of art?Brian Gibb (B): Defining art is really not for me to do, way

S-001. Brewing Up the Art Scene – DFW & Austin, TX


The first reported coffeehouse dates back to 1475, located in what is now Istanbul. During that time, a Turkish woman could legally divorce her husband if he failed to provide

GI-001. Circuit12

Circuit12 Address: 1811 E. Levee Street, Dallas, TX 75207 Owner/Director: Dustin Orlando, Gina S. Orlando If you can, give us a history of how you came to where you are today,