Gallery Interviews

GI-018. P420
| 12 September
P420 Address: Via Azzo Gardino, 9, off Largo Caduti del lavoro, 40122 Bologna, Italy Owner/Director: Fabrizio Padovani, Alessandro Pasotti
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Art by Martin Vitaliti
GI-017. Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer
| 9 September
Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer Address: Brucknerstrasse 4, 1040, Vienna, Austria Owner/Director: Lisa Kandlhofer Describe your space to us.Lisa Kandlhofer (L):
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Art by Dixie Friend Gay - Photo Credit: Nathan Cox
AS-P3-001. Art in Transit – Dallas Love Field
| 21 July
Hurry up and wait. No, not here, nor there.  & don’t be late!  Unless you like running in airports
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AS-P2-001. CONSUME? (please)
| 6 April
You enter each of these spaces looking for something, maybe something specific, maybe you are open to surprise (hopefully
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CR-SS-005. Ruskin Place Artist Colony, Seaside FL
| 29 August
"Nature vs. Nurture" - a beach cruiser enjoying shady trees & rustic branches Street Snaps Wanted!(stuff/things on the streets, human-made with intention) Send
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CR-SS-004. Oak Cliff, Dallas TX
| 23 May
"a msg from Oak Cliff to big business.” - a girl who just moved into town and maybe I
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